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easter bonnet boater hat

Tips for Creating a Prize-Winning Easter Bonnet

Step 1:  Choose the shape of your ‘bonnet’:

  • A straw bonnet
  • A straw boater
  • A top hat
  • A fez hat
  • A cone or crown shaped hat (used for princess, witch, wizard style)
  • A baseball cap
  • A cowboy hat

I’ve also seen paper mache hats, paper plate hats and everyday hats used


Step 2:  Choose a theme for your bonnet:

  • A tv, film, nursery rhyme or book character
  • A Spring theme such as chick, bunny, lamb, flowers, butterfly,
  • An Easter egg theme (egg hunt, chocolate egg, boiled egg etc)

Think about the ‘setting’ for your theme as well.  For example, field, farm, garden, Easter basket or a house make good ones themes.

Step 3:  Choose decorations that will fit your theme

Some decorations you can use include: chicks, feathers, ribbons, paper shred, polystyrene eggs, pom-poms, cotton wool, stickers, foam shapes, aluminium foil, lolly sticks, tissue/crepe paper flowers, silk flowers, crochet figures,  

You could even add some of your own personal things such as playmobil figures, lego, small soft toys, Happy Meal toys if they are not too heavy.

Step 4:  Find everything you are going to need to help decorate your bonnet:

Scissors, tape, glue, double-sided sticky tape, foam pads etc.

Step 5: Decorate your bonnet

Start with your ‘setting’ first and then add the decorations.

Top Tips:

  • Make sure your ‘bonnet’ is comfortable to wear and your decorations stay on!
  • Allow plenty of time for your creation to dry.
  • Try and let your child do as much as possible as that’s what the judges want to see!
  • Smile and wear it with pride.
  • Recycle your decorations – use your hat for a table display!

My kits are a great solution if you are looking for a fun, hands-on craft project to do with your child.  Choose from three prize winning designs: a lamb, a chick and a bunny.  The kits contain detailed instructions and all the materials you need to create a paper mache style bonnet/hat perfect for girls and boys.  Look out for an Easter basket design which is new for this year!


Tips for Making Easter Hats/Bonnets

If you are making a Sew Cool Creation Easter bonnet or hat please see our instructional videos which actually show you how to make these step by step.



Tips for Easter Egg Decorating

You will need:

  • Eggs (you can purchase from our shop)
  • paintbrush and paints
  • apron


You may need:

  • clear glue with a fine nozzle
  • scissors
  • clear varnish
  • flowered gift wrap or magazine
  • sequins, foil, card
  • ribbons


  • paint the eggs one half at a time and let them dry

Step 2:

Decoration ideas:

  • cut out flowers and leaves from the gift wrap and glue them carefully to some of the eggs
  • glue sequins to some of the eggs
  • paint on stripes, flowers, dots, hearts, leaves, chicks, rabbits, etc
  • paint yellow, but out wings and a beak, glue on to make your egg look like a chick.  Now try a bunny!
  • decorate with stickers
  • cover in aluminium foil, lightly etch a pattern into the foil

Step 3:

When the glue has dried lightly paint the egg with a clear varnish.  This helps to protect them.

Step 4:

Display Ideas:

  • display in a decorated egg box
  • display in a pretty Easter basket
  • display in a glass jar
  • hang from a branch
  • hang from a hook in the window

Also, you can practise your design first by painting paper/cardboard cutouts which are egg-shaped.