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Make Your Own! - Easter bonnets, hats, baskets and more!

Make Your Own! - Easter bonnet hat kits for boys and girls

Easter bonnet parades, Easter bonnet competitions, and Easter school events are all catered for with our great-looking Easter bonnet kits for children.  Let us do the running around to the shops for you with our all-in-one kits.  You will also have fun making the bonnet with your child.  It's quick and easy to do with our instructional how-to videos. I do custom-made capes including cosplay capes, Destiny-style capes, medieval archer capes, Game of Thrones style capes and even a super Batman cape .  Buy this and much more at my shop.  Also, see our Christmas nativity costumes as well. 

I love the challenge of creating costumes and many of my creations are unusual because they have come from requests from parents who can't find what they want on the high street. If there's something you're looking for that you can't see in my shop or by searching the site, then feel free to contact me.

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