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Shaun the Sheep Lamb Bonnet Hat Kit

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Shaun the Sheep Lamb Bonnet Hat
Shaun the Sheep Lamb Bonnet Hat Kit
Price: £6.99

This unique craft kit contains everything you need to make this amazing chick themed Easter bonnet/hat with your child.  It a fun, educational activity you can enjoy together and my online instructional video shows you how (it also comes with instruction sheet and templates).

It can be viewed at              'How to make a ModRoc Easter bonnet hat'

I've received so much positive feedback from parents who have told me how much they've enjoyed this project with their child because there's lots of hands-on fun and balloon popping along the way!  Many tell me how proud their child has been of the finished bonnet, sent me photos and told me how their hat won a prize at their Easter bonnet competition.

The lamb consists of a plaster cast and sits on a cowboy hat.  It will take about 45 minutes to cover the balloon in strips of ModRoc plaster bandage.  It will need to dry for about 9 hours or best overnight so the sooner you buy the kit and get started the better!!  Plus, I only have a limited stock available.  I do dispatch the kits within 24 hours of receiving your payment though.  

I have a chick version of this style craft listed separately.  I have three feather Easter bonnet kits available if you need a quicker project.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.